Top 7 Benefits of Using Print Marketing for your Business

February 18, 2021

Even in this digital marketing age, people still regard print marketing as an extremely effective marketing tool. There are various benefits of print marketing over other forms of marketing. It has unbelievable power and can deliver amazing results if used together with digital marketing. Moreover, it has the edge over other marketing methods in many aspects.

For example, while people easily side-step online ads while surfing the internet, they do not try to ignore print ads. Using creative, eye-catching print advertisements, you can create an indelible impression of your brand in consumers’ minds.

We are listing below how an effective print marketing strategy can take your business to the next level.

Benefits of print marketing

Here are some of the benefits of print marketing:

1. It is more economical

With printing costs coming down due to technological developments, print marketing has become much more cost-effective than before. By using signages, business cards, brochures, or banners, you can economically promote your business and give more visibility to your brand. There are various options for placing advertisements in newspapers, using which you can effectively catch your audience’s attention. There are a variety of print advertisement options available to suit any kind of budget.

2. Helps build loyal relations with customers

You can print advertisements in trusted, popular newspapers to create excellent goodwill for your brand. Regular subscribers will trust the magazine or newspaper and will read any advertisement it contains with an open and positive frame of mind. By posting repeated ads, you can get the customers to remember your brand and the message you are conveying.

3. Print marketing is more long-lasting

Print ads in newspapers or magazines remain in circulation for long periods. Most people love keeping printed publications at their homes, like reading them repeatedly and also share them with others. Many offices, clinics, and shops display newspapers and magazines, allowing your print ads to be seen by more people. While digital media lasts only if you keep paying for them, print media is more reliable and remains as long as it has value.

4. Being physical, it is more personalized

Another advantage of print marketing is that it is tangible, unlike digital media. In these automated times, people will love it if they receive personally delivered messages. Such messages can be felt and touched and make the customers feel that the sender cares about them. A personalized post-card or promotional letter will mean more to a person than a forwarded digital message or a Facebook ad. You can look at the card or letter whenever you want and even keep it on your table as a reminder.

5. Customers trust print ads more

Researches show that consumers trust print marketing better than digital ads. We are all familiar with spam mail and have also experienced how clicking accidentally on some ads can download viruses on your computer. We are also aware of how someone with malicious intentions can access your personal details when you surf online.

6. It persuades readers to purchase

Recent studies reveal that customers respond better to print media, such as ads in newspapers or magazines, than digital ones. It has been seen that when print marketing is combined with online media, the trust level of the audience increases, and they may decide to purchase the product. Most companies realize today that they need to make print ads more interactive by adding QR codes and other features.

7. More people are returning to Print media

As per research, more people are realizing the dangers of online addiction. They love to take breaks and are frequently switching off their online media. They are realizing the value of print media and read printed material for entertainment during these breaks. Marketers can capitalize on this and grab the attention of such people by making printed publications more engaging.

All these benefits clearly denote that we cannot underestimate the power of print marketing, which is still an effective tool to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

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