What are the benefits of using signage for your business?

January 20, 2020

Low prices and huge inventories don’t make businesses successful anymore. Your potential customers get attracted by the experience you offer them. So whether you are an SMB or an established company that has spent years in the business, signage advertising plays an important role in success.

Since the beginning of marketing, signage has played a crucial role to attract customers and give sales. But recently some of the companies skip it when making their marketing plan. That’s unfortunate as research shows that the use of signage is an important decision for the marketing purpose. Most of them are spending money on recent internet fads, unproven marketing methods, and mobile apps. While these methods may work for your nosiness but it not right to neglect the power of business signage.

Traditional methods of purchase displays, outdoor signage and window graphics to grab attention.

1. Customers can help themselves
Do you know which visitors will get converted? Well, customers that get engaged are likely to convert. This makes it crucial to ensure that they have a plan to provide shoppers with apt information to make the purchase journey easy for them. Nobody likes to wait for staff members to get the required help. You may make a purchase but won’t return to the store for future purchases if you have to wait for the attendee for long. This is not a vital situation for business who wants customers to visit them again.

Here are the stats regarding the poor customer support experience:

  • 56% do not return
  • 25% inform their friends not to go there
  • 20% posts feedback online
  • 14% share experience on different social platforms

2. Find Your Business with Ease
At times people forget the direction that makes it difficult to look for the business. As a business, you should make sure that there is a sign at the road and building, so people can find your business and know where you are located. And these signage becomes even more important on the boards and elevators if your office is located in the office building.

3. Can offer Catchy Logo or Color Pattern
A sign can help you in standing out from the rest as you can experiment with the logo and color. This creates a sense of connecting with the audience as they will get familiar with the name, logo, and colors related to your brand. You can also add some characters in the signs that will help you get a great look. signs can offer you a wide variety to experiment with.

4. Support with Branding of the Company
This actually helps the brand build its identity in the market. It makes easier for customers to identify your brand. This allows customers to give the right feedback for your business and they will start recognizing the company’s name. Eventually, your business will get associated with the color and logo of your company. They can recognize your brand from far away and would further recommend their friends about your brand.

5. Announcement of special offer and sales
The proper use of signs is when you want to announce a special sales or special offer that is going on. This will attract extra customers who have never heard about your business. It is a great way to make extra money than what you will normally make out of seasonal sales.

For example, when you walk a street and see some sales in nearby stores, it becomes obvious that you will visit that store. But it’s not obvious that the stores with the sale will be located in the way you are walking. Hence signage that announce sales are useful in attracting the crowd from the street to your shop.

6. Provide Warning
Not just promotions, you can use signs to inform about the safety of your visitors. For example, if you have a wet floor, you would want to caution them about the floor so people don’t slip and fall. A proper notification about the floor or a sign saying “watch your head” will alert the customers about the hazards. Keeping such things in mind adds on to the brand reputation.

7. Cost-effective marketing strategy
This marketing technique has an initial outlay but afterward, there are no additional costs, unlike other forms of advertising that need maintenance and regular updates. When comparing people who will get exposed to the signage advertising to the investment, the level of exposure is huge. This is a great investment to attract more visitors to your store and encourage them to take action.

8. Signage works 24/hours and 365/year
the other marketing techniques are available only for a limited time period but signage can continuously keep the visibility of your brand, regardless of the time.

9. More retention and greater recall
The objective of in-store personalized signs is not only to get customers to take action there and then but at times it’s helpful in letting shoppers recall the upcoming events.

Getting the right signage created from an experienced sign making company can difference between running your business wisely. Click here to get connected with a reputed signage company in London. Making proper use of custom signs will enhance the chances of increasing the customer base and creating good brand visibility. If you have premises available outside your workplace then you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of signage.