How To Create An Exceptional Customer Experience With Print Marketing

April 8, 2020

Customer experience assumes an important role in all marketing strategies today. It has even more significance than the price or the product itself, and any business organization that provides a better customer experience will get more returns on investment than others.

Customers need to get an enjoyable experience at all stages of their shopping from their initial selection of the product to after-sales customer service.

Customers remember memorable shopping experiences, and at the same time, never forget the unpleasant ones either.

When customers get a bad experience, it is likely that they may avoid buying the same brand again and may also leave negative reviews. It is vital that customers feel satisfied since that is the only way you can retain them and increase your sales and profits.

Even though the focus is on digital methods of marketing, print marketing has not lost its value. It remains a reliable and precious system of marketing and is relevant in these times also.

One of the advantages of print is that it provides a personal touch since it can be physically felt by the customers. There need to be changes made in the way print is used in marketing to create a better customer experience.

Here are some of the ways in which you can improve customer experience using print marketing:

1. You Can Add QR Codes To Print:

It would be good to connect your print together with online channels since customers are more adept in using digital media today.

Studies show that printed forms of marketing like posters are still relevant, and they greatly influence the customers while taking decisions.

So, it is an excellent idea to add scannable QR codes to them to make it easy for customers to connect to your website or other channels on social media.

2. Give Personalized Gifts To Your Customers:

Another way of improving customer experience is by getting printed personalized items like T-shirts, calendars, mugs, etc. and gift them to customers.

You can also add your logo and brand name somewhere on these items. This not only gives the customers a memorable experience but also helps in getting the required publicity for your brand.

This way you can retain your clients, while they on their part, will recommend your brand to others in their social circle thus getting you new customers.

3. Get Your Customers To Relate To Your Brand:

A sure way to get customers to empathize with your brand is to build a story around it. Your brand needs to have a uniqueness that sets it apart from that of your competitors.

You could spin a story about how your brand was conceived and what challenges were overcome in the initial days. This will help your customers to get interested in your product, engage them, and also enhance their experience.

You could also mention a few customer feedback which shows how your product was useful to them. This can help to strike a chord in the reader and help them to relate to your brand.

4. Add Special Touches To Your Print:

One great advantage of print media is that customers can feel it physically unlike digital media, and this adds a personal touch.

So, to enhance the beauty of your print you could try being more creative by adding gloss to it or giving it another layer of texture that will make it more appealing.

There are lots of options available these days, and you could let your imagination run wild to get the type of design you want. You could add artworks that are very eye-catching. For instance, CNC signage gives you a 3D look. This can make for a great visual approach provided you have the right lighting. Customers will no doubt love the experience and appreciate your new style of presenting your brand.

5. Value The Opinions Of Your Customers:

It would be a nice idea to get the feedback of customers about the kind of print they want to see. Listen to their inputs, and consider their suggestions seriously.

For example, customers may make suggestions like wanting bigger fonts on the packages since they find it difficult to read smaller prints.

Giving importance to the opinions of the customers will make them feel valued and create a favourable impression in their minds of your brand. They will cherish the positive experience received and also recommend your product to others.

6. Make Customers Notice Your Brand:

The products you are marketing should have unique packaging that will differentiate them from other brands. They should be so attractive that they will surely catch the attention of the shoppers.

The packaging style and materials must be used creatively to provide an excellent impression of your product and will add to their positive experience.

Customer preferences must also be well-considered while designing the packaging. It would be good to know your targeted clients well so that you can send your printed material based on their preferences.

For instance, young customers may prefer modern print patterns like 3D designs, which older customers may not favour much.

7. Thank Customers For Their Loyalty:

After a sale has been completed, reward the customers by offering them thank you notes and also mention their names.

You can provide them with special schemes, whereby they can collect points for each purchase made by them and will enable them to get special prices on their next visit.

Customers love it when they are given such importance and personalized attention. This will enhance their experience and make them come for more purchases in the future to get similar experiences.

Even in these digital times, print marketing plays a significant role and with outstanding printing designs, signage, etc. the customer can be provided with an unforgettable experience. It will also help to retain your existing customers and, at the same time, attract new ones to increase the sales and revenues.