How to Choose the Correct Signage for Your Business

February 21, 2022

Your business sign is often the first thing your customers see. Your signage is a crucial way to attract and retain customers, so it’s worth taking the time to choose a sign that suits your business.

A great sign can make all the difference to your business. It can entice people in, convey your brand and message, and make your company look professional.

Whether you are a large corporation, small business or startup, signage is essential for your marketing strategy and brand recognition. It helps potential customers find their way to your store and provides them with information about the products and services once they arrive.

Deciding which type of signage to use that will be best for you and your business can be difficult. To make it a bit easier for you, we have developed this guide to show you the different types of signs and how to choose the correct signage for your business.


7 Questions to Ask to Pick the Right Signage


1.  What Is the Purpose of the Sign?


What Is the Purpose of the Sign?

The first thing to consider is what you want the sign to accomplish. The signage goal should align with your marketing strategy and business goals.

Do you want it to bring in more sales, or do you want to convey information? And what kind of information does your customer need? Or what would help advertise and promote your company?

Make sure that your goal matches the type of sign you’re considering. Some signs are designed primarily to increase brand awareness among your target customers. Others are designed for drawing in customers from a specific destination.

For instance, if you’re planning a grand opening or a clearance sale, short-term signage needs to attract immediate attention. If you want your signage to be more permanent — say as digital signage solutions — then you may need to go for sturdy sign designs than the traditional signage.

2.  Who Is Your Audience?

You need to know your audience before choosing a sign since this can determine the sign material and style. You want people to be able to read the sign, obviously, but if it’s going up on a busy street or at a complex intersection, will it still be readable when people are driving past?

So if the sign is intended for pedestrians or vehicles on the street, keep it simple and eye-catching to make a great first impression.

A sign that will be placed inside a building can include more information because your customers have more time to read it. Also, consider the demographic of your customer; an upscale neighborhood might not respond as well to neon colors and flashing lights as a busier area would.

3.  What Signage Type Is Perfect for My Business?


What Signage Type Is Perfect for My Business?

The first thing you need to consider is what type of signage is right for your business. There are many different types of signage, and some of them will be more suited to certain situations than others.

For example, if you own a storefront and want to draw in customers as they walk by, then window graphics might be best. If you own a food truck that moves around a lot, then something portable like eye-catching outdoor signage might work better.

If you’re not sure what type of sign would work best for your company and situation, then it might be worth talking with a professional sign company. They should be able to help you figure out what would work best based on your needs and budget.

4.  What Size of Sign Should I Choose?

Choosing the right size of the signage matters a lot.

There’s no point in having a sign that is so large that it becomes an eyesore, or so small that no one notices it.

Before you decide on signage, walk the area and take note of how it will look from both inside and outside the property. Also, keep in mind who will be viewing the sign. For instance, if your target audience consists mainly of drivers passing by, then your sign should be larger so that they can see the sign from their vehicles.

5.  Where Will I Display My Business Signs?


Where Will I Display My Business Signs

Once you determine what type of sign you want and what size would be most appropriate for your company, think about where it should go to send out the right message.

Customer traffic is another consideration when choosing a sign for your brand.  If you have a lot of foot traffic or people standing near the sign, choose a model that is made of durable materials and designed to be mounted on a wall or placed on a table while remaining sturdy. If your target market is primarily made up of pedestrians and passers-by, then placing your sign higher may not be as effective as putting it lower on a wall or window.

6.  What Material Will Work the Best?

Another big decision is choosing what material you want your signage made out of, as different materials have different benefits and price points. Do you want wood, plastic, acrylic, foam, mesh, or vinyl? Based on whether you plan to use outdoor or indoor signs, you can choose the best sign materials based on the location.

7.  What Are the Legalities for Placing Signage in My Area?


What Are the Legalities for Placing Signage in My Area

Find out what type of custom signs are legal in your area when it comes to size, color, and shape. This will help ensure that you do not run into any legal problems by crossing the government guidelines when choosing the right signage.

Different Business Signage to Choose From

There are many different types of attractive signs out there. From building signs to vehicle lettering to billboards and everything in between, knowing what type will be best for you is the first step in choosing the right signage for you.

Outdoor Signs


Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage can come in many different forms and styles, but these are some of the most common:

Billboards – These are large outdoor signs that are located alongside roads and highways. They typically have high visibility and display images, text, or both.

Waterbase A-board signs – A-frame business signs are often used by retail stores and restaurants to advertise sales or products with messages that change frequently. You can frequently find it in sandwich shops and other eateries.

Foamex signs – These signs are a good way to draw attention to your store if you want something more affordable to make a statement. These signs offer a high level of visibility while still being cost-effective, so they’re ideal for small businesses that don’t have much room for business signage.

“Your business signage acts as a silent salesperson. Your business’s exterior signs help to draw attention to it and make it stand out from competitors.” 

Mr. Grégory THUAN DIT DIEUDONNÉ, founder of  Avocat International Thuan

Indoor Signs


Indoor Signs

Wall murals – These are large-scale graphics that are directly applied to an interior or exterior wall of a building. Often used by local businesses to increase awareness of their location.

Window graphics – This type of signage is used mostly as a temporary advertisement and can include decals, graphics, and architectural window films. Window graphics can also be used as privacy screens or to enhance the look of a space.

Window lettering – This type of signage utilizes cut vinyl or paint to create letters on windows that can either be read from inside or outside depending on how they were installed.

Digital Signage


Digital Signage

Backlit boxes – Backlit boxes are the perfect way to make your brand stand out at night or in low-light areas. They usually come with a built-in light source that makes the graphics shine brightly so that drivers can see your sign even at night. These boxes make for excellent roadside signs and can really boost your brand presence after dark.

Lightbox signs – Lightbox signs can be installed on any wall or surface inside or outside of a building. They display images that have been printed on translucent material (like vinyl), then sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic plastic that have been illuminated by fluorescent bulbs or LED lights.

Examples of Common Signage

Signage can be a powerful tool for businesses of all kinds to leave a lasting impression, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different locations, demographics, and industries require different approaches to design good signage. Let’s look at some common business signage types and what they’re best used for to get an idea to design signage for your indoor and outdoor use.

Retail Store Signage

Retail stores often make use of multiple types of signage — including storefront window digital signs, indoor wayfinding signs, and outdoor directional signage. A large retail store might even have a dedicated area to introduce new offers and discounts with banners placed at distinct locations inside the store.

In general, retail store signs communicate information about products or services, directions within the store, and branding. They can also be designed to include QR codes that shoppers can scan with their phones to get additional information about a product or service.

Restaurant Signage

Restaurants have many different display needs in order to inform their customers about the food they offer, prices, services, and hours of operation. You’ll want something that will draw attention when people walk by or drive past so they come inside or remember your restaurant when they are looking for somewhere to dine later on like huge menu board signs, digital signage like LED displays for introducing new products, and in the COVID-19 times, signs for instructions and directions.

Signage for Service-Based Businesses

For service-based businesses like plumbing, accounting, or other similar services, you may need to call attention to digital signage or banners indicating the location. You can also use tasteful signs that will make your office stand out among others in the area without distracting from its professional appearance — like a simple graphic display denoting the services and interior signs for contact info.

Wrapping Up

Signage is a crucial part of any business. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions to promote your business, and it can build your brand, increase visibility, improve customer experience and make your company appear more trustworthy.

There are hundreds of types of signage available, ranging from customizable exterior signs to promotional flags to vinyl banners. Each type of sign serves its own purpose. And it’s up to you to create the best signage to reflect your brand and send the right message out.

Want to create amazing signage to promote your business? Reach out to our signage company today to get started.