Tips to Create an Eye-catching Roll-up Banner Design

September 8, 2020

Roll-up banners printing are great advertising tools and are used in trade exhibitions, trade shows, shopping malls, and other business outlets.

They are used to make your product or service stand out and create a good impact on people visiting your place of business. They offer excellent visibility and are convenient to use, requiring very little space.

You can put them in places where they will be noticed by the customers, like near a line where they are standing to make a payment.

You can get same-day roll-up banners printed for your brand at one of the best printing firms in the UK. Roll-up banners are excellent for attracting the attention of customers and providing quick information about the features of your product or service.

How to make your same-day roll-up banner attractive?

For your banner to be eye-catching, it should be rightly designed and should contain the right information. We are providing here some tips that will help you design an eye-catching roll-up banner printing which will stand out in the crowd:

  1. Place your logo at the right spot:
    Place your logo at the top of your roll-up banner. Viewers usually look at the top of a banner first before anything else.

    Any other relevant information like a product image or slogan should be kept below the logo at around eye-level. Use only high-quality images of your logo to attract the attention of people who walk past your banner.

  2. Include only relevant information:
    You need to remember to display only the most essential information and use only the minimum number of words.

    You also should keep in mind while placing your data that people usually read from top to bottom or left to write only.

    Don’t clutter up your banner since any other information can be provided by your sales team or be included in brochures or flyers.

  3. Choose the best colour combination:
    Using the right colours is crucial for your same day roll-up banner design. Roller banner printing should be in bright, attractive colours will make your banner stand out among others.

    The colours used in your banner must go well with those used in your logo. The background colour used must enhance the text and images used.

    Using the right colour combination is important as the wrong one will make it difficult to read the information printed on the banner from afar. Use attractive combinations like red and orange or blue, green, and brown to create a good impact on your roller banners.

  4. Use only high-resolution images:
    The use of images in roll-up banners is important. If you are going to use any product images, you need to ensure that they are of high-quality.

    Preferably the images should be minimum 300 dpi and in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) format. Images downloaded from websites are saved in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) format and will be of inferior quality.

    So it is essential to convert them to a better format for banner roller printing. The image should be able to attract the attention of the viewers in an instant.

    Selecting inappropriate images can turn off people and create a negative impact. So be careful about the images you choose. There are high-quality free stock images available on the internet, which can be used effectively to add to your banner.

  5. Use spaces and text correctly:
    The letters and space in your roll-up banner design should be aesthetically designed to make it readable and appealing to viewers.

    Choosing the right fonts and using them appropriately is vital in graphic designing. A wrong selection of fonts can create a bad impression and spoil your brand image. So spend time experimenting with different typefaces till you select the right one for your banner.

  6. Make your design unique:
    Your design should not be common-place and needs to stand out from that of your competitors.

    There must be something in your design that enables customers to identify with your brand and recognize it among others. This makes it crucial to think out of the box and create an outstanding design.

  7. Select the right banner size:
    Choose a banner size that suits your advertising requirements correctly. There are different sizes available like 13-inch retractable banners or even 7-foot tall banners that are apt for trade shows.

    If you are using your banner to complement other advertising tools, then you can go for a smaller size. Opt for a larger size, if your banner is your main form of advertisement.

  8. Add your contact information:
    Adding your contact details on your roll-up banner is essential. It will enable visitors to know how to get in touch with you to find out more about your product or service.

    This is convenient in places like exhibitions where you may not be able to talk to each visitor in person. Add your website or email ID and even social media icons like that of Facebook or Twitter to enable visitors to reach you using different channels.

    The details should be placed at the bottom of the banner, but they should be easy to locate and very readable, in large-sized lettering.

  9. Test your design:
    To know which banner design is most effective, try displaying different designs at exhibitions or trade shows. You can find out which ones are attracting the attention of visitors.

Same day roll-up banners are effective for showcasing your products, highlighting their most important features, and attracting new customers.

There are reputed printing firms that undertake roll-up banners printing and provide delivery on the same day.