Tips to design an excellent letterhead for your business

April 8, 2019

Reflect your brand

The letterhead must reflect your brand message. If your business sells a product or a service which his fun, you can get creative with your design. If you deal with legal services, you must stick to a serious and straightforward design. The letterhead should not deviate from the nature of your business.


The content you decide to put on your letterhead along with its hierarchy plays an important part. You must place our information and logo correctly. Your name, name of the business, address, and contact details are mandatory.


You might end up overcrowding the letterhead if you don’t space your contents well. No one will read the content if it is stuffed. Placing is important, and you can use any side, corner or both of the page. You need not stick to one corner.


The typography you choose must reflect on your brand’s nature. You can use a mix of typeface and turn the information into an attractive design.


The traditional and ideal way of choosing colour combinations for the letterhead is by selecting your brand’s colour. If your brand has a bright colour, use it sparingly on your letterhead as it can overshadow the content of the letter.
Invest well in the paper used for letterheads. Let it not be too cheap as it can look unprofessional. An excellent quality paper, such as textured or luxury paper, gives a great impression of the company


Including watermark is a creative way of saving up valuable space and having an attractive letterhead simultaneously. Pay attention to the intensity of transparency so that it is visible and not distracting at the same time.


Use meaningful imagery which is relevant to your brand. If it uses too much of space, you could add it as a watermark. Take a quick look at below image.

Legal information

All your legal information such as the business registration number, registered office address, registered country, goes at the bottom of the page in small font. This ensures that it does not interfere with the design. Also, include charity number if you are a charity and add ‘Ltd’ if you are a limited company.


Including a logo on your letterhead can do more than featuring your brand. It has the potential to act as a marketing strategy without emphasizing your brand imagery.