8 Tips to Increase Sales Using Signage

November 29, 2019

You must see digital signage in the retail shop and in the main streets. They have taken over multiple electronic displays to menus outside the restaurants. Adding, updating or replacing signs can increase sales immensely. This proves signage is an effective marketing tool as it can educate customers about the multiple options available.

Here are tips for you to increase the visibility of your business in the attention-grabbing space.

1. Convey a Powerful Message
So how many of you have visited a store or purchase an item from a store by just looking at the signage? Well, you are not alone. Most of us enter a store and purchased a product/ service because signage has caught our eyes. This makes it crucial that your signage leaves a positive impact to encourage consumers and also to make a purchase. Such a win-win situation.

A pro tip is to select a bold and simple font for creating maximum brand impact. Have a look at your surroundings and see how your business can stand out from the crowd.

2. Keep it Clean
A positive impression of a brand is crucial. Disrepair signage is less likely to attract consumers so maintaining a good clean condition is a must. You need to ensure that signage reflects the current brand image to maintain consistency.

3. Stay Relevant
Posters, banners and promotional window graphics are temporary displays within budget. You should contact signage providers to stay updated with the trends in signage like digital signage, illumination, wall covering or tactile. These signage grabs the potential customers’ attention to make you stand out from the competitors. This is a good way to revamp your business without any expensive refurbishment.

4. Illumination always works
Adding illumination to the boards can increase the impact of signage. You should use it for inside and outside the premises.

5. Keep Interaction with the Audience
Use signage with tactile, textured or moving parts to increase customer interaction and engagement. You can use digital signage as an enraptured way of advertising services with eye-catching content. These solutions provide exciting prospective and can supplement traditional graphics and signs. This is a great way to provide seasonal messages and time-sensitive experiences to keep potential customers engaged.

Some of the examples are places like museums. They have touch screen way finding maps that provide visitors with information to different areas for a memorable experience. For example, retail spaces elevate their business by showing slideshow to the customer related to the latest trends. Based on research, digital displays are more effective than using static signs.

6. Get the Right Solution for You
With different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials available, signage can be simple and cost-effective to create the first impression. You need to create consistency with font, color, and style with your signs to make a strong and consistent identity. This gives you a clear idea of what your product/services are and what you offer them. Your signs promote the business message and increase sales.

7. Increase Revenue from Customers
This is a great way to spend more when customers are in-store or shop. You can use digital signage to give customer insight into your product/services by displaying videos that show features, testimonials, and demonstrations. People nowadays prefer to have things automated in the shop without any assistance from a salesperson. Some customers are not comfortable talking to the salesperson but the information is still required before making a purchase. In such a situation digital signage is helpful.

8. Increase in frequency of Customers
Digital signage can deliver an exciting and unique in-store experience to customers. An impressive environment encourages people to return to the store. Signage can also attract customers to fill their information in return for participating in a contest and coupons. This way you can send them your promotional items that encourage them to return. You can stand out from the competition as you will form a deeper connection with customers. In such cases, customers visit you frequently and spread it to your friends as well.

Keep into consideration that the aim of your signage is not an advertisement. Respect the time of your customers and only send relevant offers to your database. The core aim is to increase revenue by encouraging people to spend more money and improve communication. This can be done by one-stop signs. The above-discussed points on how digital signage helps you do that. So next time don’t hesitate to proceed with promotional roll-up banners.