Which Signage Material to Use and When?

March 9, 2020

Signs are tools that are utilized to display information, and they are essential tools for any business marketing.

They help to advertise your products attractively and lure customers to your shop to buy them. Signs are used indoors, as well as outdoors.

There are several types of signs commonly used, such as Foamex signs, Correx signs, Trespa, etc.

Different materials are used for making signs, depending on their purpose. It is vital to use the right material that will not only look attractive but also last longer to withstand varying outdoor temperature.

There are reputed printing firms in the UK with same day printing facility that enable you to get your signs quickly as soon as you place the order. It is very vital to know which material is the best for you since the material used indoors will not be suitable for outdoor advertising.

There are many factors needed to be considered before placing your order.

To guide you which signage material you need to use and for what purpose, we have provided the following tips:

  1. Foamex signs: Foamex signs are made of a PVC foam sheet that can be easily bent, drilled, or cut and is excellent for printing.They can be used to create eye-catching signs for showcasing your products. Foamex signs can be used for both indoor, as well as outdoor advertising and are available in thickness of 3 and 5 mm.For your indoor promotions, wall covering or ceiling signs it would be good to use 3 mm Foamex panels. For outdoor uses, it is best to use 5 mm thick panels. Foamex panels are versatile and can be used to make display signs in different shapes.

    They can even be used to make menu boards in restaurants. If you need Foamex signs urgently, you can place your order with same day printing firms.

  2. Correx signs: Correx signs are made of durable material which consists of small channels. Also known as channel plate signs, they are very flexible and can be easily folded or bent.They are ideal for indoor and outdoor promotions, and their thickness is 3.5 mm. Their flexibility makes them well-suited for outdoor advertising, and they are used mostly by retail shops and estate agents.Real estate firms use them for marking properties for sale, for rent, etc. They are suitable for advertising special offers, such as discounts for your products. There are same day printing firms who will take care of your urgent requirements for Correx signs.


  3. Trespa signs: These signs are very durable and are made of reinforced panels that are of superior quality. They are available in 6 mm thick panels and are strong to withstand all kinds of weather.Being durable, they are excellent for outdoor advertising, such as those required for sports and training services. They are also very cost-effective. They can also be easily cleaned even if someone spills paint or it or draws some graffiti. 
  4. Brushed Aluminum signs:For long-lasting signs needed for outdoor promotions, brushed aluminium signs are perfect. They are not heavy and can be cut in any size or shape as required.Other advantages of brushed aluminium signs are that they are water-resistant, and they provide a fantastic silver metallic finish to your designs.They can be used indoors also and are mostly used for making signs that point directions. They are commonly seen in waiting rooms or reception areas of offices.


  5. Painted Aluminum signs: They are similar to the brushed aluminium ones, but they have a smooth and painted finish to them. They are made using two synthetic plates that have a Dibond core that is hard. Even though they are very strong, they do not weigh much.These signs are ideal for outdoor advertisements since they are also water-resistant and difficult to bend. They are suitable for displaying special offers on products. 
  6. Cardboard signs: These are very affordable signs that can be used for indoor promotions. They are very light and can be hung on the walls, windows, or ceilings to attract customers.They also can be made into any desired shapes and are excellent for displaying new products in your shop. 
  7. Reboard signs:Reboard signs are made from 100% recyclable material and are very light-weight. They have a honeycomb structure core in the interior with a matte paper in white colour on the exterior.They are available in 10 or 16 mm thickness and are very strong. They are ideal for indoor advertising and can be used to promote items that are kept for sale. Since they are not heavy, you have the advantage of printing them in large sizes. 

From the above information, you can make out that signs need to be made out of material that is well-suited for their purpose. Some materials that are too heavy may not be suitable for indoor advertising. Similarly, signs used outdoors should be made of a sturdier material that can resist water, as well as harsh climates.

Foamex signs are very versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor promotions. Likewise, Correx signs are very flexible and are suitable for multiple purposes. It would be advisable to choose the right material after careful consideration of the tips provided by us

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