Why External Signage is Key For Your Business

August 28, 2020

Signage is omnipresent! Though we don’t notice it consciously, they play a vital role in the ecosystem of businesses.

A creative attractive sign can make your business easily stand-out from the rest and a bad one can ruin the impact.

Types of Business Signage

  • Fascia Signage

This signage adds wow-factors to your business making it stand out from the rest. It is highly visible, displaying the name, the business, and any upcoming events- attracting customers to your business.

You can fit them anywhere on the exterior of your business premises. They easily hook the attention of people and can turn a passer-by into a new customers.

  • Directional Signage

With social distancing becoming the new normal, directing the customers where to queue and where to stand have never been more important.

Directional signage helps businesses to add directions to the premises and helps customers to navigate through your premises with confidence.

These signage are important for parks, tourist attractions, natural reserves – all places that need to add guidance to the customers.

  • CNC Signage

The CNC signage seems more accurate, attractive, and captivating.

This signage provides high accuracy, better finish and is a highly cost-effective solution.

CNC signage is of great value for signs that contain large quantities of metal and plastic.

These signage require CNC machines. CNC machines help us to cut out signage shapes and letters from thicker materials to create a 3D look. This can make for a great visual approach provided you have the right lighting.

By having specialized software controlling tools such as lathes, routers, grinders, or mills, CNC machines can provide precise coordinates, feed rates, location, speed, and more.

In addition to providing streamlined printing and CNC cutting applications,  it also offers laser cutting machines the capability to recognize and print full sheets of nesting objects using photo vision and registration.

  • Window and floor graphics

This is a cost-effective signage solution that can improve the exterior of your business premises in no time.

Striking graphics and visual effects add that wow factor to the business exterior and helps the customers to know all the deals, offers and guidelines- that you want them to follow. The best part is- they are temporary and can be easily removed.

  • Banners and barriers

If you own a small business and don’t want costly graphics and signage- banners and barriers are the ideal options for you.

They create an enticing display and can be reused and repurposed anytime you want to inform your customers with new messages and information.

Banners and barriers are mostly used by cafes, restaurants, the hospitality sector, in the exterior, to keep the customers informed.

  • Posters and digital signage

Sometimes external signage is used for only one purpose- to inform the customers. Plaques, digital signs, notices with mind-featuring graphics, and signs are an excellent way to create an eye-catching interactive display that informs and engages the customers.

You can use various types of creative, interactive graphics and videos for your promotions and impact messages and you can also update it regularly making it more interesting and fun.

    Why is signage important for your business?

    If you’re not using signage the right way, you’re missing on a lot of opportunities and benefits. Business signage inspires confidence in your customers and helps to attract people to your operations.

    Signage offers a lot of benefits to your business- and here you’ll understand why:

    • Cost-effective marketing

    Unlike other marketing mediums, signage is a one-time financial investment that will serve your business- provided you clean and repair them periodically.

    Compared to advertisements that run on TV or online, signage offers high-quality results for a low-cost.

    Along with the long-term financial benefits, this firm form of advertising creates a huge impact among the customers and it’s yours forever to do with as you please.

    • Inspires impulse stops and purchases

    How many times have you been enticed by external signage of business? It attracts the attention of those passing by and pulls them into your shop to check out your products- who were not planning to.

    Signage inspires people to find out what your business has to offer and helps to grab the shopper’s attention before they find your competitors.

    • Allow you to quickly react to challenges to the businesses

    The market conditions are always changing and you need to adjust your advertising based on the on-going changes.

    Compared to other forms of marketing, signs can be altered easily without much cost and your business will always be on-topic and up-to-date with your messaging.

    • Reaches drivers and passersby

    A survey reported that 50% of the customers admitted that Signage is the first exposure to your business. A roadside sign is a perfect way to grab the attention of your business and create brand awareness.

    It is one of the marketing tools that is considered ideal to bring customers to your company and spread brand awareness.

    • Stands out from the competitors

    Luckily, if your competitors don’t use any signage, you’re already setting yourself for a win. In case they do, pay attention to what they are doing right so, you can do it better.

    Creative, eye-catching signage not only communicates the quality of your business to the customers but also helps to differentiate them from your competitors. Find the right signs and the right designs that work the best for your business.

    • Advertises 24/7 

    Business signage like billboards is a consistent form of advertising that is going to be visible 24/7- even when after your business hours. Illuminated signage will be working for you even during the darkest of hours making early birds and night owls know that you want their business.

    All these factors make signage an excellent marketing investment choice!

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