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You might have probably found our website, while looking for Lightbox Sign printing service. Yes, indeed you have found the right place. Welcome! We’re glad you found 1 Stop Signs. Lightbox Signage is a bright and efficient way to advertise your business. They are also known as cabinet signs or box signs.

When it comes to business, the first impression really counts. The wrong signage will turn off potential customers, while the right signage will draw customers like a money magnet. Nowadays you can see Lightbox Signs almost everywhere from airports, cinema, restaurants, airports, and even saloons. The main problem is, how to determine what is right and wrong for your business.

LED lightbox signs are illuminated signs that are visible even in low light conditions. From a distance, these signs can serve as an effective means of attracting customers.

A backlit sign is ideal for conveying messages that require a high degree of contrast. Your branding will gain a competitive edge with radiant and attractive lighting. As an industry leader in lightbox signage for indoor and outdoor advertising we offer a wide range of products.

In restaurants, bars, and cinemas that operate at night, lightbox signage is particularly effective.


1 Stop Signs presents you with a wide range of Light Boxes.

1 Stop Signs offers an extensive range of illuminated Lightbox Signs. With an illuminated Lightbox Sign you can make sure that your company name or services remain visible, even after normal working hours. We use high-quality printing technology to print Lightbox Signs by using highly durable, UV-resistant inks.

Why Choose the Lightbox Signage for Your Business?

When looking for upcoming business signs, lightbox signs are often overlooked. It is because these illuminated sign boxes are considered expensive due to ongoing electricity costs. Small businesses are often tight on budget, so they don’t consider this.

They may not be a cheap marketing tool, but they provide you with a multitude of benefits. Whether for a small or large business, custom lightbox signage provides eye-catching designs, improved readability of text and logos, and an enhanced impact at night.

Often used in restaurants, cafes, pubs, and shops, lightbox signs are one of the fastest growing, yet undervalued, ways of enhancing the business.

Advantages of Lightbox Signs:

Grabs Attention:

When it comes to promoting a sale or drawing attention to a new product, a well-designed light box can be a powerful tool for capturing attention and communicating your message.

Be different from your competitors:

Making your business stand out in such a crowded market can be difficult. Everyone uses signage these days. The right placement of a light box could help you stand out in a crowd.

Long-lasting and low maintenance:

The LED lights used in lightbox signs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, so you won’t need to replace them very often. And because they are energy-efficient, they won’t cost you much in electricity bills. We use UV resistant and high-quality ink


The Lightbox signage is UV resistant and made with high-quality ink. It is completely Scratch proof and fade-proof. Additionally, the lightbox signs provide higher visibility.

Highly Professional:

It looks professional and impressive to have illuminated posters and signs. High-quality lightboxes signage holds posters tightly for smooth presentation. This can create a longer-lasting impression on your customers.

Create Signage to Illuminate Your Marketing

1 Stop Signs offers a variety of lightbox sign options for businesses. We are one of the leading lightbox signage printing companies in London. If you require a custom lightbox sign, our experts can create it for you. We offer you the flexibility to customize it per your specific needs. You can choose from a range of options, including single or double-sided signage for indoor or outdoor use, as well as customised size, shape, and detail options. We strive to provide you with a tailored solution that fits your business requirements, so you can get the most out of your signage. To ensure that your sign is durable, long-lasting, and looks great, we use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

With 10+ years of experience, we turn your ideas into reality. Lightbox signs from 1 Stop Signs have been a long-time favorite of business owners. Offering 24-hour printing service, we ensure same-day delivery with the best quality services.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your business shine, consider investing in a lightbox sign from 1 Stop Signs. With our expertise and experience, we can help you create a sign that will draw attention to your business and help you stand out from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our lightbox sign options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The size, materials, design, and installation needs are just a few of the variables that can affect the price of lightbox signs. Generally, the larger and more complex the sign, the more expensive it will be. With alternatives to fit a variety of budgets, 1 Stop Signs offers lightbox signs at cheap prices. We work closely with our clients to comprehend their unique needs and offer a solution that is both suited to them and within their means.
The lightbox sign is an electrically lit sign with mechanisms to enclose, suspend, protect, and display a discrete sheet of illuminated film that contains a printed image. The film is intended to transmit light to improve the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the image.
  • Draws focus with an illuminated design.
  • Enhances visibility even in low light
  • Indoor and outdoor use-friendly
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Customizable in terms of size, shape, and design
  • Brand recognition
A light box is designed with an interior lighting source and an outer frame to illuminate a graphic from the back. All aluminum extrusions that we use are both lightweight and incredibly strong.
The type of lightbox you should purchase depends on several factors, including your specific needs and preferences like location, puropse, size, design, and budget.
LED light boxes come with power supply, transparent cover sheet, built-in etched acrylic panel, and LED illumination.
Signage options such as lightboxes offer a variety of options for graphics and design like

  • Custom logos and branding elements
  • High-resolution images and photographs
  • Text and messaging in various fonts and styles
  • Vector graphics and illustrations
  • Digital printing and vinyl graphics
  • 3D elements and lettering
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