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Need a high-quality banner that stands the test of time?

You have come to the right place. We create the most appealing, attention-grabbing PVC banners for both indoor and outdoor use. We employ nothing but the top quality printers that bring your banners to life!

What’s more is that all our PVC banners including the ink are weatherproof, UV resistant and fade-proof. Therefore, it can withstand any extreme conditions and last for many years together. Make an investment for your signage and displays by printing your banners with 1 Stop Signs now!

Choose PVC Banners Based on Your Applications

We offer PVC banners of different sizes and materials based on where you want to use it and for how long. You can talk to us to get our suggestions on the specifications of the PVC banners based on your promotional purposes.

Mesh PVC Banners
  • Best choice for outdoor purposes and large-size banners.
  • Single-sided printing and longer life.
  • 450 gsm and 550 gsm available.
  • Weatherproof, UV resistant.
Vinyl PVC Banners
  • Most popularly used banner material for indoors and outdoors.
  • Best chosen for double-side printing.
  • Perfect for short to medium life.
  • Weatherproof, UV resistant.
Fabric PVC Banners
  • Made on knitted fabric materials
  • Best used for stage events and other similar indoor promotions.
  • Ability to showcase the liveliest colours.
  • Flame retardant, anti-glare.

Why 1 Stop Signs for PVC Banner Printing?

When it comes to design and printing same day PVC Banners, 1 Stop Signs are the pioneers.

PVC being an excellent, durable and pliable plastic is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy winds or battering rains, and talk loud about your business goals all year long.

The best part is our competitive pricing. We provide PVC banners that could be used single side and double side. After understanding your requirements, we will help you with a unique advertisement design that will make your banner stand out!

Features of 1 Stop Signs PVC Banners

  • Made out of highest quality material
  • Durable and Pliable
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Scratch Proof and Fade Proof
  • UV resistant and high-quality ink
  • Any Size Banners
  • Full Color Print
  • Same day dispatch or delivery in London

Customization Options Available

  • Single Side and Double Side Banners
  • Metal Eyelets
  • Pole Pockets
  • Hemmed Edge
  • Same Day Delivery Facility Available
  • Exciting Price Package

Call us today, and take giant strides towards business success.

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Looking for premium quality PVC Banners Printers in London?

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to business, and 1 Stop Signs endeavors to be quick and efficient in designing and delivering your PVC Banners within the set timeline.

  • Single Side/Double Side PVC Banner – Single side banners have printing on one side, while double sided banners are made of two layers of PVC with a light stop material in-between. This helps visibility from two directions.
  • Mesh PVC Banner – Mesh banners are printed on a polyester material that allows air to blow through them. They are usually used for full colour prints and are generally used in construction fences.
  • Vinyl PVC Banner – Vinyl banners are a blend of scrim polyester mesh and vinyl. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor advertising, as they are lightweight, durable and weather resistant.
  • Flex PVC Banner – Generally, Flex is a sheet of polythene used to deliver high quality outdoor hoardings. Flex PVC banners are made out of PVC and fabric raw material. They are mainly designed for the solvent printing industry and are perfect for outdoor displays.
  • Canvas PVC Banner – Canvas PVC banners are stretchable to any size are most commonly used for media advertising due to their sheer visibility and size. They are usually seen in trade shows, exhibitions, book launch etc
  • Indoor/Outdoor PVC Banner – As the name says, these simple yet effective banners are perfect for all kinds of marketing or artistic ideas!
  1. The PVC banners we ordered for an exhibition came out amazing! The colours were so vibrant and attractive that we even got many compliments all thanks to 1 Stop Signs! – Gabriella
  2. Very impressive service from the start to finish! The staff are very friendly and polite. The banner was just like the way I wanted and it was of very high quality that we are still using it even after 6 years! – Alex
  3. Most-efficient banner printing service in London! The job was done fast and the quality of the banners was super high. Have already recommended them to my clients. – Billy
  4. By far, one of the best services I had ever experienced with a printing company. They have very good customer service and the output of the banner was top-notch and the best part is that their printing charges are very affordable. – Steven

Frequently Asked Questions

Once our PVC Banner printers London has finalised the design, the printing process will be done on professional-grade PVC, which comes in huge rolls. The PVC rolls are specifically designed for solvent printing and are excellent for banners, billboards, exhibition booth decoration. The material used is very good for high-quality printing and has very special anti-microbial and anti-ageing properties. Our elite team of technicians will cut the banner as per the required size, and printing will be done using specially designed inkjet, UV or latex printers. The material will have very good ink absorption and anti fading properties good enough to ensure that the designs will remain as such, even in the scorching sun and harsh weather.
The lifespan of a typical PVC banner is mainly dependent on the weather, the material used and the technology adopted for printing. On average the life span is about 3-6 years, which will vary depending on the printing option adopted. Even though the external weather conditions are harsh, the lifespan can be typically expanded by using high-quality material for printing to ensure a long life span of 5-12 years. By incorporating artificial UV inhibitors during the manufacturing of PVC banner, could give better resistance and lasts longer even when exposed to heavy sunlight and large-scale commercial pollutants.
There is no definite size for PVC banners as it is purely based on the requirement. The size can vary from 2ft x 3ft for small scale advertising to mammoth sizes of 15ft x 20ft or 20ft x 25, for concerts and huge events. The primary factors determining the size of the banner are content, design, audience and where you would like to place it. A standard sized square banner is of 4ft x 4ft. In case if you are planning to place it at the top of a building, it is always better to have a larger than 4ft x 6ft banner to ensure you won’t miss any audience. Standard horizontal outdoor vinyl banners are 3ft x 10ft and Standard vertical outdoor vinyl banners are 4ft x 10ft. For indoor displays, you could go for a smaller size of 2ft x 3ft, while bigger sizes in the proportion of 8ft x 10ft, 10ft x 12ft or 15ft x 12ft are ideal to host bigger events.
The cost of the printing varies based on the material you choose and the size of the banner. If you have the specifications ready, you can contact us for a free quote. We offer affordable banner printing services with flexible models based on the volume.
It depends on the type of PVC material you are choosing. Generally, vinyl banners last for more than 3 years easily and if maintained properly, you can increase its lifetime to more than 10 years too. Mesh banners have better life than vinyl banners and you can use it for a minimum for 4 to 5 years.
If you have placed your order before 11 AM, then we will try our best to deliver it on the same day in London. If not, you can expect delivery the next day.