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    Custom School Signage

    It is a common perception that signage is mostly used by various establishments for marketing their goods and promoting their business. However, in recent years, high-quality signage has been used extensively in schools and other educational establishments.

    Be it school logo, notice boards, playground sign, single classroom door sign or directional signs, the education sector has been using signage in different ways and for different purposes. Having a clear understanding of the need and importance of school signage is the key to finding an affordable solution that suits your needs. These days, complete branding strategies also comprise massively on attractive and affordable signage.

    Importance of Signage in School

    Schools signage has usually been overlooked in the past. Apart from the large school welcome signs hung on the main entrance, school signage play a vital role.

    1 Stop signs is the leading manufacturer of signs for schools. We provide custom signage at affordable prices.

    Schools today have come to acknowledge the fact that signage is an essential component of every institution, and schools are no exception. They are investing in superior quality and aesthetically designed school signs that offer various advantages.

    Using appropriate school signs not only makes the institute look more professional but also make an excellent first impression on visiting parents and students.  They also help to keep the students and teachers well-informed and safe besides saving time and effort while navigating the entire school premises.

    Most Common Uses Of School Signs

    School signs helps staff and patrons stay informed about everything from handling food, posting messages on school notice board, to swimming. Some common types of signage schools use include the following.
    Easy NavigationIn a large school, well-placed signs make navigation easier for students and teachers. This helps save valuable time and effort, especially for new students and teachers. Finding washrooms, labs and libraries becomes much easier with school signs.
    Directing Towards Notice BoardsSchool notice boards are a storehouse of information but finding them may take up a lot of time. Using school signs to direct students to the school notice boards can help save time and ensure that the information posted in well-read.
    Ensuring Student SafetySchools often need to caution children against venturing into some parts of the premises. Safety banners and other caution signage have proven to be the most effective and popular school signs to help ensure the same.
    Emergency Care And ExitThe use of signs offering clear and precise directions about emergency care and exit is highly recommended. Such signage offers information about the location of medical rooms as well as things like how to evacuate during a fire, access to fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
    Customized Signs For Various NeedsThere is a growing demand for proposed new school signs customized for various needs. These include signs reminding children to flush the toilet and wash their hands after using the bathroom. Signs instructing children to maintain decorum and discipline in school corridors are also quite popular.

    Why Choose 1 Stop Signs For Your Custom School Signage Needs?

    1 Stop Signs is the London’s leading manufacturer of signage that specializes in creating a comprehensive range of high-quality school signage to match specific needs. We manufacture the best custom signage at affordable prices. Having manufactured more than 10,000 school signage and displays for London Schools, and nurseries., we are trusted by 1 and all in the London. We provide our clients with our round the clock nationwide installation service. 

    Our team of creative and expert designers offer the most efficient and appealing signs for main entrance of the institution, school notice boards, canteens, library, play area, classrooms etc. Our professional installation team works around the clock to ensure the proper and secure placement of the signs. We use a unique printing material to make the signage weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Our expertise coupled with our experience has led many of our customers to place repeat orders with us.  

    If you are looking for new signage, contact us on 02081680001. For urgent orders, 1 Stop Signs provides same-day delivery with round-the-clock service.

    What is the benefit of using signage in Schools?

    So many schools use signage to instruct students, direct them to various parts of the premises, ensure their safety, point them to the school notice boards, and even promote their sense of achievement.

    Do you supply school signage for external use?

    The school signage supplied by us is made from premium quality materials and can be put to both external and internal use.

    Do you offer same-day delivery of orders?

    While we offer same-day delivery, this service is available only for urgent orders and we do not encourage this practice much.

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