Different Types of Signage and Their Uses – The Ultimate Guide

August 5, 2022

Your business’s success is directly proportional to how you effectively promote your products and services. Along with methods like sales promotions, social media, and your website, signage can play a significant role in enhancing your brand’s retail experience. There are several types of signage out of which you need to select one that suits your business the most.

By using effective signage, you can connect the consumers with your brand even before they enter your retail store. Select a reputed signage printing company that uses the best materials and printing methods to deliver what you require in time.

To help you select the right signage for your business, we provide here information about the different types of signage and their uses.

Commonly used types of signage and their uses

Signage is classified into the following broad categories:

  • Outdoor signage: They are used to enhance brand exposure and are placed at strategic locations outside your store or office premises.
  • Indoor signage: These signs are placed inside your office or store, i.e., your physical location. Mostly they convey specific information to visiting consumers about your products or services.

Additionally, you can use informational signage, which is primarily meant to provide information to consumers. Examples of such signs include menu boards or directional signs that show the way to a particular store. You can also use Persuasive signage, which is used for advertising your products and services and engaging customers with your brand.

You need to choose one of these types of signage that works best for your business. Let us now learn more about particular signage types.

1. Murals and wraps

Mural and Wrap

They can be very eye-catching and help focus the consumers’ attention on particular areas of your business. They can enhance your store’s appeal if printed in materials, such as Vinyl since it provides a shiny appearance.

2. Window graphics

window graphic


You can attach them to your store window to make your storefront more attractive. Shop owners mostly make them using materials like Vinyl. You can unleash your imagination and be creative, using images or text as per your requirements. These graphics can promote your goods and services or provide useful information to customers.

3. Banner Signs

Banner Signs

They are very effective marketing tools, even in these digital times. You can use them to promote new product launches or other events. They are cost-effective and are flexible to use since you can roll them and place them wherever you require. You can customize them as per the size or shape you need and print them in any colour you want. They work well indoors, as well as outdoors. However, you need to be careful to use durable materials if you are using them outdoors.

4. Vehicle Graphics

vehicle signage

These wraps are very popularly used since they are flexible and can be moved to any location. You can attach them to any vehicle of your choice, whether it is your business vehicle or personal car. People usually use them to convey information, such as contact details or location, and also to promote their brand. By using durable, laminated material, these wraps can last long periods and provide more value for your investment.

5. Sidewalk signs

sidewalk signs

People prefer to use them as they are highly portable, being very light in weight. They are cheaper than other methods and are mostly used outdoors. By using eye-catching colours and text, you can grab the attention of passers-by. They are ideal for pointing the way to customers looking for your store. If you are running a restaurant, you can even print your menu and highlight your special items to let customers know what they can order. You can also display your store timings or other relevant information.

6. Safety signs

safety signs

People generally use these safety signs to warn those passing by of any dangers or inform them of any rules they may need to observe at the location. Examples of such signs include High Voltage Warning, Electrical Safety signs, emergency exit signs, signs with workplace fire assessments, or Fire Escape safety signs.

7. Floor graphics

floor graphic

Using Floor graphics is another novel concept of promoting your business that is gaining popularity. You can use them to point directions or highlight special features inside your store. However, to ensure they last long, use decals with heavy-duty laminate.

8. Menu Boards

Menu board

You are mistaken if you think customers will just walk into your restaurant just because you cook delicious food. Promoting your food and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere to lure customers to enter your restaurant is also crucial. You need to realize that your Menu board plays a significant role in your restaurant. It provides your customers with whatever information they need to know about your menu. Many varieties of menu boards are available these days, such as Dry erase menu boards where you can write, erase, or change food items or prices. There are magnetic menu boards where you can display special items on certain days or static printed menu boards to be used where the menu items do not change often. The latest varieties are the Digital screen menu boards, which can even display videos.

9. LED Message-boards

LED message board

These signs are excellent for people who want to change their messages more often in a day. On these computerized boards, messages are displayed in LED lights, which move across the screen. These signs are mostly used to display useful information and messages.

10. Letter signs

3D Signs

These signs are excellent to display your brand or store name in front of your physical location. You can opt for fonts that suit your brand the most. The commonly used signs are dimensional letters and channel letters. Dimensional letters are 3D signs that are popularly used since the letters stand out. Channel letters are usually made of aluminum or plastic, and the best part about them is that they can be lit using LED or neon.

11. Pylon signs

pylon signage

The pylon sign is placed on top of poles used to provide directions, display a name, or promote products and services. You can see them commonly in shopping complexes or office parks.

Different Types of Signs Based on Purposes

1. Fire safety instruction signs

The fire safety signs are used to inform people about what they should do in case of a fire emergency. They are usually placed in areas where there is a high risk of fire, such as the kitchen. The safety sign is used to instruct people on how to use extinguishers and where they can be found. The signs also give instructions regarding the use of emergency exits and other important information about what to do in case of an emergency.

These UK fire safety signs are usually located next to fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment, so that people can find them quickly in an emergency like fire risk assessment, mandatory fire instructions, fire instructions notice, self-closing fire doors instructions, exit signs, and directions in case of fire and a lot more. The fire safety signs can also double as appropriate signs for instructions on how to use the extinguisher if there is an emergency situation involving a fire.

These safety signs often come in a variety of languages and graphics, depending on the audience and can be in the form of projecting signs for fire instruction notices.

2. Health and safety signs

Health and safety warning signs are similar to fire safety signs because they also require you to take action on a problem that could occur if left unattended.

However, health and safety signs are used for more than a single purpose like preventing fires or providing instructions on how to use equipment properly. Such safety signs also include things like preventing accidents while working with heavy machinery or chemicals that could cause damage if mishandled.

These safety warning signs are used by employers to inform employees about various aspects of their health and safety policies. The health and safety signs also contain information on how to prevent workplace injuries and illness through proper use of the equipment and other factors that can affect employee health. Such a safety sign may also provide information on how employees can report unsafe working conditions if they feel threatened by them.

Many health and safety signs can be found in manufacturing companies and places like a flammable liquid stores informing the employees about how to handle dangerous substances.

Some examples of these safety signs include: “Danger: Hot Surface”, “Wet Floor”, “Keep Out”, “Caution”, “No Smoking” and other signs warning hazardous places and locations for first aid equipment including signs prohibiting entry to certain places.

Most often, many business signs like these health and safety mandatory signs are pylon signs and other similar edge-lit signs.

3. Directional signs

Directional signs are the most common type of sign. They tell people where to go and what to do.

Such business signage is used to show directions to different places like railway stations, bus stops, airports etc. The main function of directional signs is to provide information about the direction of places in a particular area. They are available in different sizes and shapes depending upon their usage. These types of signs should be used in public spaces where a large number of people visit daily for various purposes such as shopping malls, markets, hotels, etc.

Directional signs can also be used as a custom school signage by enhancing navigation, minimizing confusion, and contributing to an organized environment. These signs guide students, staff, and visitors to different areas within the educational institution, ensuring a seamless and efficient flow of traffic.

The common directional signage examples are exit signs, signs to entry points, pole signs, exterior signs, wayfinding signage to toilets, an emergency exit or a nearby danger, and other similar direction signs.

These can be in the form of banner signs or LED signs with big illuminated letters or a monolith sign informing the directions, especially to critical ones like the emergency exit or the restroom. Many places use illuminating signage to point the escape routes in cases of emergencies. Such directional signs also double as safety signs when needed.

4. Informational signs

Informational signs provide information about things like upcoming exits on interstates or turn-offs to other roads, speed limits and distances to certain destinations, or general mandatory signs about the instructions in certain places.

They can be in the form of road signs, mandatory signs, prohibition signs, signs announcing essential messages, escape routes, the minimum regulatory requirement, and signs of a mandatory nature.

These signs can also be used for advertising purposes by businesses looking to attract potential customers into their stores through advertisements printed on these types of signs located near entrances or exits where people would see them when walking out after shopping at those establishments. For example, if a store is having a sale on some item, it might display an informational sign outside its entrance advertising what is being sold and when the sale ends to attract potential customers. You can also Consider using light box signage to promote your brand, especially if you have a night business. You can also use it as an informational signage.

They can be placed as exterior signage or freestanding signs or as pole signs based on the individual purpose.

5. Identification signs

Identification signage


These kinds of signs identify specific areas within a building complex such as toilets, smoking areas, etc., as well as give names to buildings within an office block or commercial complex.

They are usually found at entrances, exits, and along corridors. They can also be used to indicate special areas such as parking lots or restrooms and may be in the form of a wall sign, a warning sign at a construction site identifying different areas, or an exterior sign.

Choosing the Best Sign Company

As can be seen, several types of signage are available as per your budgets and specific business objectives. Select the right signage printing firm that can provide you with a sign to effectively boost your business and help you attain your set goals.

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